Boo's Amazing Rescue

Boo's Amazing Rescue

By: Dr. Shanna Seals, DVM, Ms. Brenda Collins, LPC, BCPC

SKU: 9780983653301
Subject: Children's

This book is formatted specifically for the iPad and can only be viewed in iBooks. Follow Boo and his friends as they run for their lives and find help from an unforeseen friend.

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Title information

Boo’s Amazing Rescue takes the reader into the world of the sea turtle. Their adventures and experiences are written for the young and the young at heart. Dr. Shanna Seals, DVM, and children’s counselor Brenda Collins, LPC, BCPC, take Boo and the reader into a secret rescue facility and share the procedures necessary to save Boo’s life. All events are based on true events.

Pages: 39
Language: English
Publisher: Pappy's Publisher's, LLC
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Dr. Shanna Seals, DVM

Ms. Brenda Collins, LPC, BCPC