Lutheran Catechesis, Catechist Edition, Second Edition

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Lutheran Catechesis, Catechist Edition, Second Edition

By: Peter C. Bender

Publication date: July 2013
SKU: 9780981469799
Subject: Religious

A Comprehensive Guide to Catechesis for a Lutheran Congregation

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Title information

The catechist edition contains everything that the catechumen edition contains, plus the following:

✦ Catechism notes on the text of the Small Catechism in “The Catechism in Detail” section of each lesson.

✦ “To the Catechist” Scriptural commentaries on the “Bible Verses for Meditation” in each lesson.

✦ “The Table of Duties in Detail”—material for teaching the Table of Duties under the subtitle, “Christian Vocation—Living by Faith in the Gospel of Christ: Catechesis on the Table of Duties.”

✦ “Congregation at Prayer Learn-by-Heart Schedules and Bible Story Lectionary” (also published in the Lutheran Catechesis Compendium with additional helps). This material is essential for preparing the congregation’s weekly catechetical and devotional guide, “The Congregation at Prayer.”

✦ “60-Day Cycle of Praying the Psalter” for the pastor and congregation’s use in “The Congregation at Prayer.”

✦ Personal Prayer Book Schedule of Prayers.

✦ “Pastor’s Annual Reading Cycle” that provides the pastor with a disciplined yet flexible way to read through the Old Testament and Confessions annually and the New Testament three times a year.

✦ “Scripture Index for Lutheran Catechesis, Catechist Edition.

Pages: 585
Publisher: Concordia Catechetical Academy
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