New Testament Catechesis, Catechumen Edition, Second Edition

New Testament Catechesis, Catechumen Edition, Second Edition

By: Peter C. Bender

Publication date: May 2016
SKU: 978-0-9913847-3-0
ISBN: 978-0-9913847-3-0
Subject: Religious
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Title information

New Testament, Catechumen Edition, is intended for

✦Teaching youth the important stories of the New Testament. The first five books of the New Testament—the gospels and Acts—are the foundation of the New Testament. These books include the stories of our Lord’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection, and His ongoing ministry through His apostles in the book of Acts. The lessons begin and end with the ascension of our Lord and the church’s ongoing ministry of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

✦Teaching youth the important people, places and evnts of the New Testament

✦Teaching the youth sections of Luther's Small Catechism in connection with the New Testament

✦ Ongoing resource for Lutheran Christians assisting them in understanding the New Testament

Publisher: Concordia Catechetical Academy
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